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Tumi Alpha Bravo Earle Compact Brief Review

Tumi Alpha Bravo Earle Compact Brief

For a stylish yet casual look, men are endowed with a variety of messenger bags that differ in style, prices, and quality. Some men want their briefcases more on the formal and elegant side, with materials that focus on leather and leather-like ones. Others, however, are more comfortable with rugged, lightweight bags that they can carry around for when they are on the go.

Convenience is one of the top most qualities that men look for in a messenger bag, and in this review, we will look at how the Tumi Alpha Bravo Earle Compact Brief fares in a market flooded by bags and clothes.

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Knomo Warwick 15-Inch 54-252 Laptop Bag

Knomo Warwick Laptop Bag

The Knomo brand started off in 2004 when to friends decided to take a risk and try to turn things around. Ten years later, the Knomo brand is nowadays a common household brand. With their products tailored for the urban environments, they’ve managed to sell in almost all continent. It’s safe to say the company is one of the key players in a flooded market. Knomo bags are well known for their prestige looks and feel not to mention the quality. Today we take a look at one of their finest products, the Knomo Warwick 15-Inch 54-252 Laptop Bag.

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