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Messenger Bag vs Briefcase – What’s The Difference?

messenger bag

“That’s a nice briefcase”

“Thanks but it’s not exactly a briefcase, it’s a messenger bag”

“Are you sure? I know someone with one just like it…”

This is an all too familiar scene for many of us who’ve owned either a Messenger Bag vs Briefcase. Sometimes we are not even sure ourselves especially when manufacturers resort to throwing in both terms such as the ‘Kattee Canvas Real Leather Messenger Bag, Leisure Briefcase’. That begs the question, is there really a difference? Yes, there is. That’s why we will be highlighting in detail the differences between the two. That way, you can avoid making the wrong call or giving out the wrong impression.

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The Ultimate Men’s Messenger Bag Buying Guide

mens messenger bag buyer guide

Originally designed to carry books and documents, messenger bags have evolved to do a lot more these days. Today, you can easily fit a laptop, iPad, textbooks among other daily utilities inside them. On top of that, they’ve nowadays become a unique and distinct part of our style. If anything, more of a fashion statement in recent times. So whether you are working in a busy office, travelling lightly or looking for something to carry your laptop to school with, you can be sure there’s a messenger bag for you.

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