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Gootium 21108 Cotton Canvas Genuine Leather Messenger Bag

Gootium 21108 Canvas Genuine Leather Messenger Bag

“You don’t have to buy a bag which is more than a top-end iPhone to look cool.” When it comes to the bag, we would require maximum storage of our everyday carrying things. Like a laptop, notebook, tablet, mobile, wallet or even other accessories which are most important to carry for the business travel, work or even for college. In that way, Gootium 21108 Canvas Genuine Leather Messenger Bag is one to opt for.

A messenger bag is also called a courier bag. It is worn over one shoulder with a strap that goes across the chest resting the bag on the lower back; while messenger bags are sometimes used by courier men. They are now also an urban fashion icon. Some types of messenger bags are called carryalls. A smaller version is often called a sling bag.

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Vagabond Traveler Casual Style Canvas Messenger Bag

Vagabond Traveler Casual Style Canvas Messenger Bag

If you are in the market for an all-rounded casual messenger bag and you travel a lot then the Vagabond Traveler Casual Style Canvas Messenger Bag is for you. Vagabond have always tried to do things different from their competitors and that’s what has always made them unique.

Their products are hand crafted and stitched only from the finest materials and if anything are more of an art themselves. From professionals, students, businessmen and many more, Vagabond have something for everyone. Let’s now take a closer look at their Vagabond Traveler Casual Style Canvas Messenger Bag.

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Zenness Canvas Hiking Traveling Satchel Messenger Bag

Genda 2Archer Canvas Hiking Traveling Satchel Messenger Bag

Today it’s a lot harder to find a good bag manufacturer with so many players in the market. Despite the large market share being dominated by large companies, smaller companies like Zenness have managed to find some footing. You’ve probably never heard of Zenness and that’s because it’s a small company despite being around for some time.

The company has always put effort into providing what the consumers want and as a result, their carefully selected products are always affordable and quite good.

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Manhattan Portage New York Messenger Bag

Manhattan Portage New York Messenger Bag

Founded in 1983, Manhattan Portage sought to bring the functionality of outdoor backpacks to an urban audience without compromising on quality or other features that made them admirable. Nearly 30 years later, it’s safe to say that Manhattan Portage hasn’t diverted from their original goals.

Their products have always stood out thanks to their versatility, durability as well as adaptability. With that in mind, we now take a look at perhaps their latest and trending bag, the Manhattan Portage New York Messenger Bag.

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Knomo Kobe Messenger Bag Review

Knomo Kobe Messenger Bag side

Knomo is one of those companies that has been on the rise over the past decade. Their name is derived from the words Knowledge and Mobility. The company has strived to provide quality and great looking accessories and as a result, their products are now spread across several continents. Their products are best known for their keen fashion style, attention to detail, durability and overall quality. The new Knomo Kobe Messenger Bag is no exception to this.

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Rothco Vintage Explorer Messenger Bag Review

Front View of Rothco Vintage Canvas Explorer Shoulder Bag

Travel bags are some of the most essential accessories that you can own when traveling around the city or even backpacking abroad! The main feature of travel bags or explorer shoulder bags is that they should be spacious, sturdy and convenient to carry around during traveling.

Rothco has an excellent selection of travel bags that are spacious, sturdy as well as super convenient to travel around with. This vintage canvas explorer shoulder bag from the brand is one such travel bag that you must invest in for your travels!

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Brenthaven Collins Messenger Bag Review

Brenthaven Collins Slim Brief for MacBooks Laptops or Ultrabooks

Brenthaven began making outdoor gear over 30 years ago. Back then, they specialized in extreme condition products such as backpacks for adventurers and other outdoor enthusiasts. Today, the company is building high-end protective cases such as laptop bags for day to day use. Their products have won multiple awards for their top of the line craftsmanship and build quality. Among their latest products is the Brenthaven Collins Messenger Bag.

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SERBAGS Vintage Canvas Messenger Bag Review

Side View of Serbags Military Vintage Laptop Leather Messenger Bag

One of the most spacious travel bags that you can invest in is a messenger bag. Messenger bags have been in fashion for decades because of their excellent storage as well as super convenient structure. Every handbag brand in the market has at least one variation of this messenger bag in their collection if not more.

Messenger bags were initially designed for the bicycle messengers as well as courier boys who used to travel by foot. These spacious bags could comfortably carry a lot of goods, messengers, and couriers for delivering. The convenient strap of this messenger bag allowed for a handsfree travel by putting it in a crossbody style.

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