SERBAGS Vintage Canvas Messenger Bag Review

Are you looking for a top of the line and sturdily built canvas bag? If yes, then today is your lucky day. Why? Because today we take a look at one of SERBAGS finest bags, the SERBAGS Vintage canvas messenger bag. SERBAGS have for long produced the best selection of canvas messenger bags and the Vintage Canvas is no exception.


Serbags Military Vintage Laptop Canvas Leather Messenger Bag

Since starting in 2012, Serbags has had an overwhelming increase in their customer base thank to their friendly policies and quality as well as affordable products. With fashion trends changing daily, Serbags took advantage of this and came out with their own standard, the vintage collection.

Designed to tackle the latest military fashion trends, the SERBAGS Vintage canvas messenger bag makes a bold statement with its fine leather material and features. Maintaining that vintage canvas look, the bag offers more than just fashionable looks.

Canvas Material

Canvas is slowly becoming the new standard for leather, at least in the fashion industry. From the first touch, you will immediately notice that the fabric used on the Vintage Canvas was made to persevere through rough environments and harsh climate. Built to last, the canvas offers nothing short of great performance. 

Front and Side Pockets

For those worried about space, you will be glad to know that the vintage canvas comes with extra front and two side pockets that help you organize your stuff as well as keep them close. 

serbag vintage messenger bag

Cover Flap

As with most canvas bags, the vintage canvas comes with a flap that secures the main compartment as well as the front pocket on top of the zippers. The flap is held down by two metal rings on the leather flap. A metal grommet is pushed through the hole and finally secured by a metal clasp. No longer do you have to worry about loose flaps or exposed zippers. 

Adjustable Strap

Another key feature that stands out is the adjustable strap. This allows you to adjust the length in accordance with your preference as well as the luggage weight. The strap is made of a soft pliable cotton that feels comfortable to carry. 

Spacious Main Compartment

The main compartment is sizable enough to accommodate a few books and a 15-inch laptop. As mentioned before, it is secured by a zipper to enhance security and a flap mentioned earlier. 

serbag vintage canvas messenger bag

Additional Wall Pockets

Situated inside the main compartment are two wall pockets suitable for cell phone storage.

No Bleeding

Most canvas as well as leather messenger bags suffer from color bleeding when cleaning but the vintage canvas has been specially designed to ensure it maintains that tan classic look. 


  • Canvas material
  • Cover Flap
  • Zipper top closure
  • Comes in light yellow

My Final Thoughts

At a great price, it is safe to say that Serbags have outdone themselves with the SERBAGS Vintage canvas messenger bag. The vintage inspired bag entails a modern construction that guarantees convenience, comfort as well as durability. Filled with features that any messenger bag should have, the Vintage Canvas promises an unforgettable price and at an unbeatable price.

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Serbags Military Vintage Laptop Canvas Leather Messenger Bag
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