Rothco Vintage Classic Messenger Bag Review

The Rothco Brand has been around for quite some time and are best known for their rugged outdoor gear that’s heavily military themed. Their products are top of the line and their commitment to the tactical or military theme is impressive if anything. Today we take a look at one of their hottest selling bags, the Rothco Vintage Classic Messenger Bag.


Designed to complement that casual look, the Rothco Vintage Classic Messenger Bag defies all odds as to become one of a kind. This is partially thanks its outstanding features and also to Rothco’s commitment to make a product that their customers would love. It’s now a fact that vintage bags are more than ever becoming an urban fashion icon. Here’s why you should make this your next bag;

Rothco Vintage Classic Messenger Bag

Thick Canvas Body

The bag comes with a thick canvas material that ensures your bag remains in a great condition for years. It’s thoroughly tested even in rough environments to ensure you get the best out of your money.

Cotton Canvas Interior

Rothco decided to include a cotton canvas interior that ensures you get a comfortable to touch interior that also long lasting.

Great for Screen Printing

Love having your own logo or print on your bag? The Rothco Vintage Classic Messenger Bag will let you do just that without any issues such as color tanning. Thanks to its canvas exterior putting your label out there has never been easier.


No one like a small bag. Even when you don’t have a lot to carry, you’ll always want a bag that can fit more than you usually carry incase that day comes when you need a larger bag. With that in mind, Rothco have ensure their Vintage Classic comes with a roomy main compartment that can even fit a 17-inch laptop alongside a couple of textbooks and still leave room for a few extras.

Aside from that, you also get an inside zipped pouch, perfect for items you really can’t afford to misplace such as your keys. Finally, the bag comes with total of 4 outer pockets for those items you’ll want easy access to. Two buttoned ones on either side and two under the flap on the front side.

Full Coverage Flap

Feeling insecure? Especially for those of use taking the train or bus on a daily basis. No longer do you have to be wary of pickpockets. Thanks to the flap, your items are securely stored without compromising on the ability to reach in and grab something quickly. Even the side pockets are buttoned just in case you decide to stash something in it.

Brass Hardware

The bag’s rugged look is complemented by brass hardware for the buckles and zips. This in turn leads to a more solid feel for the bag not to mention a classier look.

Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Does your current bag hurt your shoulder? The Vintage Classic promises to do better thanks to its wide shoulder strap that’s also easily adjustable to increase your carrying options.

Final Thought

Priced at an affordable $xx, the Rothco Vintage Classic Messenger Bag comes off as one of the best priced gems available in today’s market. This bag is a solid choice for anyone out there in need of a casual messenger bag with an edge in fashion.

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