Navali Leather Mainstay Messenger Bag Review

Everyone wants to look classy, and so does having a bag that defines the level of class you belong in. Navali Leather Mainstay Messenger Bag is a Navali brand that has been designed to keep all men classy and comfortable when carrying their stuff around.

Navali is a brand that started back in 1985, after owners, Jen and Jess met in a ballet class in rural Vermont. They became friends when still in childhood and would share fun moments together.


Navali Leather Mainstay Computer Messenger Bag

In 2003, Jen discovered her interest of fashion while in Boston University and shared it with Jess. Jess decided to actualize their dream by moving to Chicago in search of opportunities in 2006, and their breakthrough came in 2010 when they decided to quit their jobs and starts a men’s accessory line. In the same year, the duo traveled to China in search of a company that would manufacture bags for them. 2011 is the year that they sold their first Mainstay bag to a man who lived in Massachusetts. This inspired them to continue producing for the company.

In 2013, Navali released a new line of all accessories made of leather and would work on a waxed cotton edition for other colors for its classic collection.


The Navali brand has already established its name in making quality leather men messenger bags and other accessories. These bags are made of 100% pure leather. Every part of the bag has been made of leather, making the bag strong and worthy the price. 

Navali Leather Mainstay Messenger Bag

Designed and Classy

The customers love the stitching on the bag, as well as, the soft canvas backing it. The pockets have been customized such that you can put everything in its right place, and it makes it easier to retrieve when in class, job, or a meeting. It is a perfect choice to buy for your friend, brother, father or boyfriend during their birthday as a gift, and they will sure like it. 

Spacious Compartment

Navali Leather Messenger Bag inside

It has organizer and interior zipped pockets, and this makes it carry more stuff within the space that it has been allocated. It also has pockets that are Exterior zippered. Also, on the Exterior side, there are panel pockets. Since it has been made for men, it has been made in such a way that it has a computer compartment, which fits laptops up to 13 inches.

High Zipper Quality

Zippers for the bag are made of high quality brass, and hence, it cannot embarrass you by unstrapping in public or when carrying some load.


The bag has been made with a modifiable canvas strip that is worn on the shoulder. It has a leather shoulder rest that is padded to make it comfortable, especially when carrying heavy load. It has an appropriate standard size that is comfortable to carry and as well able to fit items such as the iPad and Keyboard, some assorted cables, a notebook, as well as pens.

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Navali Leather Mainstay Computer Messenger Bag
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