MOLLYGAN Men’s Casual Canvas Crossbody Messenger Bag

The MOLLYGAN brand is a new arrival to the market. For the moment their main niche is crossbody bags, offering fine quality to their customers. Their bags are fairly simple from a design standpoint, representing a blend of style and substance.



The MOLLYGAN Men’s Casual Canvas Crossbody Messenger Bag comes from two different materials depending on the design. One of them is a high density canvas variant, mixing casual convenience and affordable comfort. The other design comes with washed canvas and crazy horse leather material for a more luxurious impression.

Plenty of Space

mollygan messenger bag inside

Each design possesses a lot of holding capacity. The high density canvas model comes with one zipper pocket, completed with two front pockets for maximum convenience, and this is just the exterior. On the interior it has an additional main compartment and two drop cases for smaller items, like bank cards or even a phone.

The leather variant has even more space. With its two front and one back pockets – as well as its one huge main interior compartment -, an interlayer and a zipper pocket, this second design can even hold a 13-inch laptop or notebook without any problem, whatsoever. The canvas design only allows an object with the size of an iPad.


Men's Casual Canvas Schoolbag Crossbody Shoulder Messenger Bag

As far as its size go, the canvas model is 13.6 inches in length and 11.4 inches in height, with a 3.1 inch width. The leather variant is naturally bigger than that, coming with a 14.2 inch length, an 11 inch height and a 4 inch width. As far as their weight goes, model A (canvas) weighs 0.68KG while model B (leather) weighs in at 1.02KG. The difference between the dimensions of the two different designs are obvious and they represent two fairly different concepts and styles, catering to different needs.


mens crossbody messenger bag

Both designs are very easy and comfortable to carry. This is clearly one of MOLLYGAN’s strengths. The crossbody design allows the wearer to be as comfortable as possible without having to hold the bag, whereas the B model comes with a quality handle which is quite comfortable to grab. Strong material and perfect for pretty much all hand sizes, with maybe the possible exception of really tall and big men.

Final Thoughts

Model A is probably better for those who don’t always dress in an overly elegant style. That bag goes well with literally any kind of clothing style while still offering spacious comfort. If you tend to carry your laptop around quite a lot, you definitely want to go with model B. That is a more elegant design with the leather parts, but more spacious. When it comes to handling, both bags are doing quite well. Design B is a little bit easier to handle but the full canvas variant is more comfortable when wore in a crossbody style.

Overall, two fairly high quality bags that will look good on a student, as well as a lawyer or businessman.

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MOLLYGAN Men's Casual Canvas Schoolbag
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