Leyden and Sons Leather Bag Co. – Roosevelt Saddlebag

Leyden and Sons Co. has always had one goal, to make leather bags. Not just any leather bags but those that are built to last, get better with age and are affordable. From student to business professional, Leyden and Sons guarantees they have something for you.

Today, the company has done just that and continues to impress with their dedication. As such, we now take a look at one of their latest products, the Leyden and Sons Leather Bag Co. – Roosevelt Saddlebag.


Leyden and Sons Leather Bag Co. - Roosevelt Saddlebag

Visually appealing and striking, the Leyden and Sons Leather Bag Co. – Roosevelt Saddlebag is one hard to look away bag. Because of this, you can be sure to receive many compliments on this bag. Completely crafted in genuine leather, the Roosevelt takes things to the next level, when it comes to durability and functionality. So why should you get this?

Vintage Charm

There’s just something about its leather that never fails to fascinate. Maybe it’s the classic and timeless look, or the bag’s rustic character. Nonetheless, the Roosevelt Saddlebag is one of those do-it-all bags. Whether you are taking it to the office or a weekend outdoor, the bag will naturally blend, thanks to its looks.

Thick Quality Leather

Leyden and Sons Leather Bag Co backside view

Like all other Leyden and Sons products, the Roosevelt boasts of a premium grade leather carefully constructed from the finest ply. With time, the leather, being a natural product will develop scuff marks, scratches and even creases but instead of destroying the look, the leather adapts making the bag age beautifully.

If you are not keen on those marks, we recommend you condition the leather regularly depending on use and climate.

Suede Lining

For a softer and more appealing interior as well as flap, the bag comes with a suede lining allowing you to comfortably reach in and grab your stuff.


Leyden and Sons Leather messenger bag

The bag comes in two sizes, large and X-large. The large version comfortably sits a 14.5 inch laptop alongside your files, books and newspapers with ease while the X-large version fits a 16-17 inch laptop with ease. The interior is divided into two open compartments and an additional tablet sleeve sits in between the partitions. You also get two additional open side pockets perfect for storing those items you need quick access to.


In a nod to the traditional saddlebag, the Roosevelt ships in a bed of real straw, wrapped in burlap and with a handwritten note by its side.


Going on an outing? The Roosevelt Saddlebag will easily transform into a backpack with a few clicks of its straps.


Owing to its high price, it’s only fair we talk about what we didn’t love about the Roosevelt Saddlebag:

  1. Weight – At 7.6 pounds when empty, it is by no means a light bag. Nonetheless, when you think about it, most high end leather products aren’t too.
  2. Lacks zippers or snaps– While this may turn off some people, it’s actually a good thing since you now don’t have to worry about any breakable parts, and for a long time.

Final Thoughts

Priced at $xxx for the large and $xxx for the X-large version, the Leyden and Sons Leather Bag Co. – Roosevelt Saddlebag is perfect for those not shy from getting themselves a premium leather product. Given the expected lifespan of the bag is at least 25 years, you can be sure you won’t be getting a replacement anytime soon.

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Leyden and Sons Leather Bag Co. - Roosevelt Saddlebag
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