Knomo Warwick 15-Inch 54-252 Laptop Bag

The Knomo brand started off in 2004 when to friends decided to take a risk and try to turn things around. Ten years later, the Knomo brand is nowadays a common household brand. With their products tailored for the urban environments, they’ve managed to sell in almost all continent. It’s safe to say the company is one of the key players in a flooded market. Knomo bags are well known for their prestige looks and feel not to mention the quality. Today we take a look at one of their finest products, the Knomo Warwick 15-Inch 54-252 Laptop Bag.


Designed to complement that classy business look with a tint of casual fashion, the Knomo Warwick 15-Inch 54-252 Laptop Bag takes things to the next level. From the first look, you’ll immediately see a well-balanced bag that is uniquely designed and easy to spot among others. Let’s take a closer look at the bag’s features.

Knomo Warwick Laptop Bag

Luxurious Material

The Warwick 15 packs a full-grain leather solution for its exterior body. The result, a soft and smooth finish that’s not only a beauty to look at but also touch. On top of that, Knomo promises that the leather is top notch and will age beautifully with time.

The bag also comes with a nylon lining for its interior that complements the bag’s exquisite look.

Padded Laptop Space

Knomo Warwick brifcase inside view

Looking for a place to stash your 15-ich laptop and not worry anymore whenever someone brushes past you on the train? Knomo has you covered. The bag comes with an integrated laptop compartments that boast of extra padding to ensure safety before anything else. On top of that, the compartment is fully zipped to ensure your belongings stay inside and in place.


Knomo Warwick briefcase

The Warwick 15 packs 2 main compartments; the laptop one and one for your other belongings (main). The man compartment is spacious and roomy enough to accommodate a couple of notebooks alongside a sweater. Besides that, it also comes with organizer pockets to help you keep your things in the right place. Finally, the nylon lining interior makes the compartment glow with style for that high-end charm designed to brighten your day every time you open it.

To top it off, you also get two wide front pockets under the flap, perfect for items you want easy access to.

Carrying Slip

Traveling with Warwick? All you have to do is slip your briefcase over the trolley handle and you don’t have to worry about excess luggage.


Knomo Warwick backside

For your comfort needs, the bag packs an adjustable and detachable shoulder trap that’s specially designed to be ergonomic. You also get two soft padded grab handles at the top for easy maneuvering.

Knomo ID

Worried about losing your luggage, especially at those airport terminals? Once you get your bag, I highly recommend you register your bag ID, located inside the main compartment. Once you’ve done that, anyone who comes across your bag can contact Knomo who will easily reach out to you to return your luggage.

Final Thoughts

Starting at $xxx, it’s easy to see why the Knomo Warwick 15-Inch 54-252 Laptop Bag is a solid choice for many people looking for a top of the line bag that will last several decades at least. I highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a long lasting carrying solution that is not afraid to combine style with functionality.

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Knomo Warwick 15-Inch 54-252 Laptop Bag
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