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Best Shoulder Bags for Men

Men’s Unbalance Chest Pack Multipurpose Backpack Crossbody Shoulder Bag

Men’s shoulder bags are becoming increasing popular as men realize they often times have just as much stuff to carry as many typical women do. From wallets and cell phones, to laptops and snacks. Men need a handy bag in which to carry all of their essential items for everyday use and special occasions such as travel or work.

Men and students will benefit from keeping their daily essentials organized and easy to access for work, school and play. Whether you choose a messenger bag, cross-body bag, or some other style, you can’t go wrong with any of the selections featured here.

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Fossil Men’s Estate Saffiano Leather EW Messenger Bag

Fossil Men's Estate Saffiano Leather East-West Messenger Bag

The Fossil brand has been around since its inception in 1984. The company has made great strides and is today one of the few in the industry we can say that have stayed true to their original goal.

Fossil has always resolved to uphold the American vintage that inspires all their products. Today, the Fossil Brand is one of the largest public companies in the world, even maintaining its spot on the S&P 500 year after year. We now take a look at one of their trendiest products that stands for all the company represents, the Fossil Men’s Estate Saffiano Leather EW Messenger Bag.

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Kattee Canvas Real Leather Messenger Bag Leisure Briefcase

Kattee Canvas Leather Messenger Bag

Kattee Store is one of those reliable wholesale online shops that have just recently entered in the bag industry. The manufacturer, based in China, has been credited with above par products to compensate for their late entry into the market.

Committed to customer satisfaction, Kattee takes things to the next level by sourcing out what kind of product their esteemed clients want before making any product. On top of that, the company offers exceptional customer service. Today we take a look at one of their highest rated product that stands for everything the company is, the Kattee Canvas Real Leather Messenger Bag,Leisure Briefcase.

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FRYE Men’s Logan Messenger Bag Review

FRYE Men's Logan Messenger Bag

Started in 1863, FRYE was initially founded to ease the lives of hundreds of factory workers by providing them with well-made, reliable and cheap shoes. Within time, the FRYE brand expanded and over 150 years later, it’s safe to say that the company holds a treasured place in the American culture.

While most companies in the industry value cost over quality, FRYE has always been driven by the construction and craftsmanship. Today we take a look at one of their newest products, the FRYE Men’s Logan Messenger Bag.

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High Sierra XBT TSA Messenger Bag Review

High Sierra has been around for quite some time now. With over 30 years in the outdoor industry, it would be an understatement to say that the company is a pioneer in the outdoor industry.

Committed to crafting durable and affordable products, High Sierra has over the years, greatly shaped the industry to what it is today. They recently started venturing into more outdoor products such as messenger bags. Today we take a look at one of their best valued bags, the High Sierra XBT TSA Messenger Bag.

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EcoCity Cotton Canvas Leather Cross Body Messenger Bag

EcoCity Cotton Canvas Vintage Leather Messenger Bags

EcoCity prides on the simple and iconic fashion designs that the company has always been associated with. Using natural materials for their products, hence their name, the company has grown to be a well-known brand in the baggage industry.

From handbags, cross-body bags canvas bags, and travel bags, EcoCity is committed to provide only the best for their customers. Let’s now take a look at another one of their finest products, the EcoCity Cotton Canvas Leather Cross Body Messenger Bag.

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Snugg Crossbody Shoulder Messenger Bag Review

snugg messenger bag

The Snugg brand started in 2010 when one of their directors couldn’t find a proper iPad casing. They decided to make their own which were an instant hit online. Over time, the company branched out and today they make laptop messenger bags, camera bags as well as smartphone and tablet cases among others. 

Snugg has always strived to provide quality, functionality and design over all other factors. This has allowed them to produce very admirable products at fair prices. Today we take a look at one of their products that stands for all the company represents, the Snugg Crossbody Shoulder Messenger Bag.

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Osprey FlapJack Men’s Courier Shoulder Bag Review

Osprey FlapJack Men's Courier Shoulder Bag

The Osprey Brand was started in 1974 with the aim of providing custom-fitted backpacks to travelers. Today, the company is one of the largest in the market and they strive to provide create innovative and high performance gear that showcase their devotion to the outdoors. Anyway, enough about the manufacturer, let’s now take a look at what is perhaps one of their most distinguished product, the Osprey FlapJack Men’s Courier Shoulder Bag.

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