Baggallini Messenger Bag Review

Founded in 1995, Baggallini Inc. strived to provide functional travel bags with an edge in the latest fashion trends. Since then, the company has grown to be one of the largest in the business. Today, the company has expanded to tote bags, handbags and other travel accessories.


The company is well recognized for their distinctive color pallets on all their products and lightweight fabrics that are durable. Among their latest products is the Baggallini Messenger Bag.

Baggallini Messenger Bagg BS Convertible Cross-Body Bag

Designed as a lightweight and excursion bag, the Baggallini Messenger Bag entails a lot of features that make it a perfect choice for your next bag. It heavily emphasizes on comfort and convenience to offer you a truly unique experience. Below we take a close look at the bags features. 

Even Distribution of Weight

Unlike most travel bags that push the bags weight on your back, the Baggallini Messenger Bag takes weight off your back and instead distributes it across your torso. Immediately you first put the bag on your back, you’ll feel the difference in weight compared to their standard bags. 

Adequate Space

Aside from comfort, the bag also comes with 4 compartments to store your luggage. All compartments are zippered with a noiseless zipper for that peace of mind. To enhance organization, the 2nd compartment comes with inner sleeves, a mesh interior and pockets to help you organize your stuff better. The fourth compartment is on the back of the bag perfect for storing documents

Besides that, the bag also houses 2 side pockets with one being a water bottle pocket. The bag also has a cell phone compartment as well as an eyeglass pocket both on the shoulder strap.

Baggallini Messenger Bag

Lightweight Fabric

Thanks to the lightweight water resistant nylon used, carrying this bag is not a tiring experience. 

Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Like most messenger bags, this one also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that allows you to shift weight depending on what you are carrying. 

Baggallini Messenger Bagg BS Convertible Cross-Body inside


The bag can also double down as a handbag with minimal effort.

Available Colors

Known for their color pallets, almost all of Baggallini’s products come in various colors with each specially designed to reflect the sophistication of their products. The Baggallini Messenger Bag is no exception to this as its available in Black, Espresso, Khaki, Navy and Tomato (Red) colors. 

Final Thought

Priced at only $xx, the Baggallini Messenger Bag manages to impress with its innovative features as well as material. It is clear that Baggallini went to great lengths to make this product unique and it pays off handsomely. If you are in the market for a stylish, long lasting and incredibly comfortable messenger bag for your daily activities then this one is a perfect match.

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Baggallini Messenger Bagg BS Convertible Cross-Body Bag
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