AB Earth New Vintage Leather Men’s Briefcase Messenger Bag

AB Earth traces its roots back to the early days where they manufactured bags only for American and British consumers. Over time, their market widened and today they ship to almost all regions of the world. The company is well known for manufacturing bags that are fashion trendy and surpass value. Their latest bag, the AB Earth New Vintage Leather Men’s Briefcase Messenger Bag is a testament to their commitment.


AB Earth Vintage Leather Men's Briefcase Handbag

Designed for the casual business look, the AB Earth Vintage bag pushes boundaries to deliver what should be now the standard for all bags at its price range. Fully manufactured in genuine leather, the bag is not only highly durable but also performs exceptionally well. On top of that, the bag comes with a new set of features which we take a look at below in depth.

Genuine Leather

As mentioned before, the leather on the AB Earth Vintage is a true beauty to behold. The material comes with all the definitive characteristics of real leather which has wrinkles and scars. Despite them, they don’t destroy the image but rather enhance the natural beauty of the hide. Designed to last, the leather has been well treated to prevent bleeding and be able to withstand various climates.

Vintage Look

AB Earth mens leather briefcase handbag

As its name suggests, the bag comes with a vintage look that looks casual and luxurious. Coupled with amazingly soft leather and superior stitching, it’s hard not to be tempted by the bag. On top of that the bag houses an aesthetically pleasing feel that simply never goes away.

Antique Brass

The leather is complemented by quality brass metal that serves to ensure the straps remain in place. They also enhance the bag’s casual look.


AB Earth mens briefcase inside

If there’s anywhere where AB Earth never disappoints, it’s the amount of space their bags always have. The Vintage Leather comes with more than enough space to ensure you never miss a place to stash your belongings.

The bag comes with two main compartments, each is zippered to ensure your stuff is safe. On top of that, the first compartment comes with an inner zippered pocket for stuff you really don’t want to misplace. The second one is partitioned to comfortably hold your wallet, smartphone, pens, notebooks and other smaller utilities.

Aside from those, the bag also comes with FOUR front exterior pockets. All four pockets are zippered and on top of that, two of those pockets have each a single zipped side pocket on their front sides. If anything, you are more likely to confuse which pocket you placed your keys in rather than lack space to put them.

Ergonomic Handle

AB Earth Vintage Leather Men's Briefcase Handbag Messenger Cross Body Laptop Bag

Is your current bag very tiring to carry? The AB Earth Vintage bag comes with a specially designed leather handle that has been padded for added comfort. That way, you no longer have to keep on changing arms when carrying the bag.


Tired of carrying the bag by the handle or single shoulder strap? Simply tilt it and you have a double strapped bag that you can easily carry with minimal effort across both shoulders.

Final Thoughts

Priced at $xx for the chocolate brown M5 size and $xxx for the M43 size, it’s hard to find a bag that matches or outclasses the AB Earth New Vintage Leather Briefcase at its price point. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a spacious, durable and well-built leather bag at an affordable cost.

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AB Earth Vintage Leather Men's Briefcase
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