HDE Vintage Canvas Military Messenger Bag

HDE Vintage Canvas Military Messenger Bag

HDE is all about the classics. They created a durable and stylish military style messenger bag with the outdoor enthusiast in mind when they created the Vintage Canvas Military Messenger Bag.

You can count on the quality in craftsmanship and fabric when it comes to HDE, too. Their bags will last years, saving you money in the long run.

When you decide to purchase an HDE bag, you can bet it will be one of the finest bags you’ve ever owned.

Step out in style with an HDE bag, while keeping all of your essentials organized and easy to reach.

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Vintage Charm

The HDE Vintage Canvas Military Messenger Bag has all the vintage charm you long for, while being practical and up-to-date for all of today’s electronics and other items we take with us everywhere we go. The classic, timeless look and rustic appeal of this bag is stunning. Canvas and leather blend together beautifully in a washed out look, to bring you an outstanding bag that you will appreciate on a daily basis.

Thick Quality CanvasHDE Vintage Canvas Military Messenger Bag

Canvas is the perfect choice for a messenger bag. It is durable, light, and easy to clean. Whether hiking, camping, or using this bag for school or photography, you can put your bag through the trenches, and it will come out looking great.

Reinforced Synthetic Leather Straps

The dual leather straps have magnetic closures making them easy to open when you need to access your belongings. They are durable and add an attractive charm to this bag.

Pockets for Storage

2 large front pockets, and 2 smaller side pockets allow you to store cell phones, camera attachments, writing utensils, business cards, and more.

Roomy Main Compartment

The roomy main compartment will hold a laptop up to 13” as well as notebooks, file folders, and more.

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Internal Measurements

•Length: 15.5″
•Width: 11.5″
•Depth: 4.5″

Shoulder Strap Drop: 26″

Total Compartments

•1 Main Compartment (zippered)
•2 Side Compartments (buckled)
•2 Front Pockets (buttoned)
•1 Internal Pocket (zippered)

HDE Vintage Canvas Military Messenger Bag Versatility

This messenger bag is ideal for hiking the trails, storing your camera and accessories for a day of photography, or to take along on a bike ride, and more. You can pack an emergency kit in the bag, along with fresh water, snacks, and other essentials, too.

This bag is versatile enough for school, work, and the gym. Take this classic bag along with you everywhere you go.

The adjustable shoulder strap allows you to drape the bag securely across your body, and the durable canvas keeps your items protected from branches, rocks, and other things that could otherwise hinder your excursions.

Final Thoughts

The HDE Vintage Canvas Military Messenger Bag is the perfect messenger bag for adults, teens, and kids. Take it with you wherever your days take you, and have the peace of mind knowing your items are secure in one place, and readily available whenever you need them.

You have ample storage pockets in this bag, too, to hold even the smallest items neatly.

You will appreciate the quality and versatility of this bag. This bag will protect your essentials from random bumps and scratches that happen along life’s ways, and you’ll have a stylish bag that will keep.

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